5 Tricks for How to Remember Things

If this ever happen to you that you opened the refrigerator door and forgot what the heck you were suppose to do. You were craving for eye-glasses in the whole room and suddenly your fingers found them onto your head.

You went to the next door opened the cupboard and couldn't recall why you actually went there.

You came half of the way of your trip and then you suddenly realize that you forgot to bring your camera but the charger and batteries are still with you.

 Then feel good about your self as you are not the only one who used to forget or in common parlance are unable to remember things.

You can follow these steps to remember the things which you usually forget

Try To Minimize The Burden Of Your Brain:

Think that our brain is too small in size as compared to our body but still works 24x7x365 and even then when you are taking your sleep. As per scientists your brain is the most terrific machinery created by the almighty God. Lets take an example what happens when you carry extra burden of luggage in your car? It denies from moving, right? or it might have some troubles or create some for you in any many ways. Same goes with brain when you put so much pressure or burden on your brain at some point of time it lacks functioning well and in that situation you completely blame it by saying "I am out of my mind" or "my brain is not working".

Sticky Notes And Reminders: 

Helping your brain in remembering is not a crime at all. Try to make sticky notes and reminders which will help you definitely in remembering the things easily.


Every morning make a habit of preparing a to-do-list for the day which will include each and every task which are lined up for the whole day. As morning is the time when time flies actually this to-do-list helps you in the best possible way it can.

Keep Things In Proper Places:

Now this is something which every person should follow and if you have kids and then develop this habit in them from the very beginning. Keeping things at their appropriate places makes it easy for you to find them easily and to remember their actual place. Suppose you have a habit of keeping your eye glasses in its case then you will at first search them in there case only... Not on your head.

Avoid Procrastination:

I think its the biggest drawback which is the foremost reason for forgetfulness. You keep on pile up your tasks for the day and ask your self that I will do it tomorrow, but have you ever wonder that this will double the amount of work you have to do the next day. Procrastination is a bad habit which should be avoided asap. Suppose you have to attend office the next day then you should prepare all your things which you have to carry along with you to the office at one place, attire you are going to wear, wallet, eyeglasses, handkerchief, watch, documents, laptop, etc. the previous night... Because in morning time actually flies like anything.

Following these 5 tricks will make you feel good about yourself as you can easily remember things and can utilize your whole day at its best.

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