8 Wonderful Tips And Tricks To Keep Your Mind Stress Free And Healthy

We all are suffering from lot of pressure and stress in our day to day life.  Because of stress and anger we are suffering from much kind of mental diseases which makes our life worst. Keeping cool and calm is best way to release stress from our mind. If you’ll keep calm and cool then you can enjoy your life with full of joy and happiness. But is it easy to keep calm and cool? Yes it is very simple and I am sure if you’ll practice it in daily routine then your life will turnaround 180 degree from stress to happiness. Here I am presenting some great tips and tricks to keep you cool and calm.

Don’t Expect Anything from Anybody

Expectations are the major problem now days. Everyone expect what he/she wants from others so just stop expectations from others otherwise you will become disappointed and stressed always.

Be Positive

Negative attitude is very dangerous for our health and mind. Negative thoughts continuously destroy you from inside which results in depression, stress, and anger. So stop thinking negative and start think positive in any condition. But how can we think positive? We are surrounded with negative people all around the world. Being positive is so simple, just change your association and read positive attitude books, listen motivational audios, and start talking in a positive way. Remember once you start thinking positive, reading positive books, listening healing cds, your personality will start changing dramatically and more people will start loving you. Stress will be out from your life and happiness and peace will change your personality.
Control Breathing

Whenever you are in stress or anger your breath rate becomes unbalanced. Because of unbalanced breath blood circulation becomes unbalanced, flow of oxygen in your brain becomes improper and suddenly you became sick. You can overcome this problem if you know how to control our breath. Controlling your breathing helps you to release stress. With some practice you can control your breath, and could be relaxed in stressful situation. One simple exercise to control breath is, take a deep breath through your nose, holding it for few seconds, and releasing it from your mouth. Repeat this exercise until you feel calmer. This is just a technique of meditation.

Start Counting From To 10

Whenever you are getting stressed and frustrated from every angle just close your eyes and start counting from 1 to 10. If you start counting from 1 to 10 then chain of stressful thoughts breaks and you suddenly realize that there are lots of other things that are more important and you'll start feeling much better than before.

Out for a Little Walk

If there are lots of argument or negative discussions going on around you which are creating stressful environment then immediately leave that place and go for a walk outside to take fresh air. A small walk in a fresh air will keep you calm and relax.

Do What You Love

Every day just schedule a time for yourself to do things that you like most. In this busy life we forget to live our life and this is also another major reason of stress and frustration. I think we all need to reserve sometime in a day and during that time do everything that you like or enjoy most and forget everyone else because this time is just for you only. This enjoyment will make you more happy and healthy from brain as well as your body.

Spent Time With Family And Kids

In this digital era everyone loves gadgets and spent most of the time on them. These all are electronic items and generate dangerous waves which affects our mind and Senses. In 24 hours in a day approxinmately 15 hours a day we use machines and gadgets like computer, laptop, or mobile phones and do not spent time with human personalities around you. Face book, Twitter, WhatsApp, Other social media that we use to make friends but what about your family who also want to be our friend but we don’t have time for them. All these useless electronic gadgets just depredate your time and your relationships and create panic and stressed environment around you. I thinks at least we need to take dinner at same time without using gadgets and start talking with each other and create a cheerful environment which will wipe negative thoughts from your mind and make your brain healthy to catch positive vibrations. Spent some fun time with kids, spouse and other family members to make environment cheerful and friendly. 

Laugh Out Loud (LOL) 

Laughing is best exercise to release stress from your mind and makes you more happy and healthy. Just stand before mirror and laugh very loudly for 5 to 10 minutes. Laughing will release stress and makes you feel good. Now you will see a wonderful day is waiting for you.

I am not saying this practice will change your life in a day or two but I am sure if you will make a habit and do practicing these 8 tricks everyday then after sometime you'll see your life is changing in a positive manner and you are living in a cheerful environment. Life is unique so don't do what others want do what you like to do. I request if these points helps you in anyway then please give your valuable comments and share this with others too to change his/her life. Now your life is looking like this..... 

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September 19, 2016 at 11:22 PM

Great Atul ji, Lovely sharing. It looks like you have filled Sagar (Sea) in a Gagar (Pot).

September 20, 2016 at 12:33 AM

Thanks to you too... because you read this article, everyone need to follow these tips to live a healthy and stress free life with family members.

December 29, 2016 at 6:55 PM

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December 29, 2016 at 11:08 PM

Thanks For reading my article... share with others too

December 29, 2016 at 11:08 PM

Thanks My Dear for reading this life changing article... please share it with others too...