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If you have a WordPress website which is hosted on a server but you are thinking to change the web hosting service partner then there could be few questions that may arise into your mind before changing the server.

Is data will be safe while transaction happening?
How long the process will be performed? And will this disturb the services for your client?
Will migration change the stored files?
All these questions are legitimate.

But now the good thing is that you don’t need to worry anymore to migrate your WordPress website to a newer server. The process of migration is very simple now. Here in this article we will see the complete process of migration. If you need any further help to migrate WordPress site to BlueHost then you may contact technical team 24X7.

Steps To Migrate WordPress Website To Newer Server
1.   The very first step before starting anything is take a complete backup of your running website which is going to be migrate. This is mandatory because if unfortunately anything went wrong during the migration process then you could restore your running website. Some people keep either hard copy backup or backup on cloud storage which is not required.
2.   Now logon to your existing web hosting server and find the export functionality like phpMyAdmin.
3.   Now using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), CuteFTP, or FileZilla download WordPress content folder which have complete files of your website.
4.   If you are moving to Bluehost server for WordPress then open and sign into the control panel of bluehost server.
5.   Create an FTP account to upload all files into your new WordPress site folder on new hosting server.
6.   Now install WordPress by following onscreen prompt. Bluehost offers one-click installation for WordPress users.
7.   After WordPress installation download your content site data files which will over writes the default wp-content with the data that you have been prepared to export from the old hosting server.
8.   Finally export the database files using the quick export option. To do the quick export, first go to the CPanel and open phpMyAdmin after that click on the “Export” tab. Now click on “Go” and wait while system is taking care of exporting database files for you.

Things That You Should Need To Remember While Migrating To New Hosting Server:

If you have put images or content posts on your website and pointing them on that server then those links will become inoperable. To fix the broken links just find the old domain name into your migrated website and replace them with new hosting server name.

You can also use search and replace script found on GitHub. Just check the script and do make sure you are replacing old domain with new one. After replacing all filenames and domain names with new one delete search and replace script. To do this you could also use Google Search Console or Screaming Frog.   

Bluehost is the recommended hosting server by WordPress so they have dedicated server especially for WordPress users and Business clients. There is no downtime while migrating from old server to new BlueHost server and there is no need to worry about losing files while migrating but do make a copy of backup for just in case if something went wrong.

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